About Us

Hello and welcome to Ramble Couple!

We’re Dais and Kay,  a Japanese married couple , currently living in  Tokyo, Japan.

We love to travel and explore new places, experiencing new cultures, history, opinions, scenery and food.

Things we LOVE

・We are nature  lovers (mainly seeking nature around the world.)

・Eating make us happy!

・We can’t live without a cup of coffee.

・We like trying new things.

・Living Healthy.

We both believe that our life were meant to be lived differently no matter what people say, and also believe that  life is not meant to be lived in one place.

For us, travelling is part of our life that definitely we can’t live without.

Fortunately, we experienced and learned a lot of different things through our journey in our twenties.

We learned how wonderful:

to interact with people

to feel the air of nature

to touch the different food cultures

to spend quality time on my own

to be honest with myself

to think who I really am

As the years go by, we start thinking about how amazing if we could share our experiences to everyone.

We always wanted to work for ourselves and pursue a inspired life.

We will take advantage of this opportunity and start producing something that only we can create.

We think that is the way to express as who we are.


Ramble Coupleとは?





<Things we LOVE = 私たちが好きなこと>









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“Explore more, and have fun creating your life!!”