The Shed. is just an extension of our own home and kitchen.

We hope to create something authentic and inclusive space for people to spend their time. We promise to serve you in a way that is hospitable, friendly, non-judgmental, and encouraging. We promise to create your healthy habits.

Our Values

1.) Create Healthy Habits

“You are what you eat”

We would like people to care more about what they eat. Since, eating is essential for living. We believe that eating healthy food makes people feel good and leads to happy life. We would like to provide some motivation for people to start thinking their own healthy habits.



2.) Keep your mind healthy

“Living with nature”

We would like to people to spend their time in the middle of mother nature. We believe that feeling the air of nature can make people feel happier and healthier. We would like to provide place for people to think their own mind health as well as body health.



3.) Timeless

“Place of Peace”

We would like to produce a comfortable space for everyone. Let’s spend the time here and clear your mind. It is important sometimes to stop for a while and leave everything behind. The Shed. will provide the cozy place filled with peace and nature.



The Shed. 「私たちのキッチン」
The Shed.は「HEALTH (健康)」について考えるきっかけを提供する場です。

Our Values

The Shed.は“食”について考える場です。
The Shed.は心の健康を考える場です。
The Shed. の心地よい空間でタイムレスな時間を提供します。